This December, give life to a DREAMer's dreams.

Your donation to the HDF Scholarship Program enables Hispanic students to attend college and accomplish their goals.

We’re proud to award scholarships to students regardless of status, and we need your help. When you donate to HDF in December, you provide a college scholarship for a DREAMer like Alejandra:

Alejandra Garcia
University of Kansas student, HDF Scholarship Recipient

I am currently attending the University of Kansas and I am majoring in Molecular Biology (pre-med). Being able to pursue a college degree means a lot to me, but it means even more for my family. To my parents it will show that all their hard work and sacrifices were not in vain. To my brother it will show that nothing is unattainable if you set your mind to it, and that if I can do it then he can, too. To me it will show that no dream is too big and all it takes is being willing to take risks.

The road to where I am today has not been easy and I still face many barriers, but I refuse to give them the power to defeat me. As a Latinx woman who is also a Dreamer, you can say that the system is against me, and you are probably right. Every day students from marginalized identities navigate through a system that is set up to see us fail, but we refuse to accept it. We see those barriers and we use them as fuel to work even harder to defeat them.

HDF has played a huge role in helping me defeat those barriers because if it wasn’t for their help and support I wouldn’t be able to continue going to school. The scholarship is extremely helpful with paying for tuition, but knowing that I have the support from such an incredible organization is priceless. I know that they are rooting for every single one of us and they want to see us succeed. Then, we can go back to our communities and return the favor. In honor of my family and the HDF Scholars, thank you so much for your endless support for the Latinx community!

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